Commissioners' Court - Road & Bridge



The Commissioners' Court is the county's governing body. It is made up of four commissioners representing the county's four road and bridge precincts. It is presided over by the countywide elected county judge.


The duties of the court include:

  • Taxes

    • Determining county tax rates
    • Setting yearly property tax rate
  • Budgets

    • Adopting a county budget
    • Approving budgets and employment levels for the county
    • Establishing financial and law enforcement / jail needs plans
    • Setting employment and benefit policy
  • Planning

    • Establishing long-range thoroughfare, open space, land use, and development plans
    • Reviewing and approving subdivision planning and wastewater treatment for rural areas
    • Overseeing construction, maintenance, and improvement of county roads and bridges
    • Setting commissioner and justice of the peace precinct boundaries
    • Supervising and controlling the county courthouse, county buildings, and facilities
  • Elections & Appointments

    • Calling, conducting, and certifying elections, including bond elections
    • Filling vacancies in elected and appointed positions
    • Appointing other officials and committee members