Elected Officials

The Ellis County Elections Department provides ways to easily access the names and information of elected and appointed officials that serve Ellis County. Since there are elections in Texas every year affecting leaders in state and local government we regularly update our directory after each election cycle.

Officials Listing (PDF of Federal, State, County, City, School and Water District Officials with Term Dates)

Who Represents Me? (sos.state.tx.us website)

Election Officials and Officeholders Statewide Listings (sos.state.tx.us website)

Your voter registration certificate also has your districts listed 

Candidate Information

Procedures and Guides for Candidates (sos.state.tx.us website)

Texas Ethics Commission Information (ethics.state.tx.us website)

Filing Schedule for Candidates and Officeholders   or   Calendar (ethics.state.tx.us website)

Political Advertising Information (ethics.state.tx.us website)

Ethics Publications and Guides (ethics.state.tx.us website)

Name of Candidate on Ballot - Rules per Texas Election Code

Application for Place on the Primary Ballot (sos.state.tx.us website)

Website Links to Parties (State and Local) 

2020 Election Dates

  • Dates for filing with Party Chairs - November 9 - December 9, 2019
  • 2020 Primary Election - Early Voting February 18-28 and Election Day March 3
  • 2020 Joint Election (City/ISD) - Early Voting April 20-24, 27, 28 and Election Day May 2
  • 2020 Primary Runoff Election, if needed - Early Voting May 11-15 and Election Day May 19
  • 2020 General Election - Early Voting October 19-30 and Election Day November 3

Note: Requirements for local offices (municipalities, school districts, other districts) in Texas vary according to the political subdivision. Therefore, you must contact the political subdivision where you are interested in running for office for qualification requirements, filing periods and other relevant information. 

Important 2019 Election Dates (sos.state.tx.us website)