Welcome to Ellis County by County Judge Carol Bush

Welcome to Ellis County. It is an honor to serve as County Judge. Having accepted the challenges of the position, I view my role as team leader and facilitator and consider it my responsibility to chart our future direction as we prepare for the immediate challenges and those looming on the horizon.

Whether it’s presiding over the Commissioners Court or conducting the county business, I work daily to strengthen our commitment to accountability by building relationships and opening lines of communication. I’m convinced that team work and consensus foster better ideas which benefit the community as a whole; and, I have worked diligently to promote a pleasant and respectful atmosphere in the workplace which translates into better service to the public.

Ellis County is faced with the reality of growth. Right now we are in a gangly adolescent phase of living in an urban / rural county and trying to process the rapid changes. I believe that our community will mature gracefully and responsibly, finding the perfect means of preparing for and embracing the positives of progress while maintaining the small town charm that makes Ellis County unique.

My pledge to the people of Ellis County is to stay mindful of our history and character as we chart our direction and to facilitate the smooth operation of our services to the public. My goal is to continually search for ways to improve that operation; and, my agenda is to have no agenda other than bettering the community with which we’ve been entrusted.

I am delighted to be an ambassador for the County I call home, representing my neighbors and friends in this special community.